The best cargo bikes for families

Best Cargo Bikes For Families

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Best Cargo Bikes for Biking Families

If biking is a central part of your family activities, then a cargo bike is something you need to consider. So, how do you find the best cargo bikes for biking families?

Cargo bikes are specially designed for families to safely, securely, and conveniently bike with their kids. The entire design is built around the unique carrying system, many of which can fit more than one child at a time.

There are a few different styles of cargo bikes, which each offer their own unique benefits. Everything you need to know will be covered, along with an overview of the best cargo bikes on the market.

The different types of cargo bikes are suited ideally for various situations. You can use all of the information here to help you figure out the best cargo bikes for biking families.

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What is a Cargo Bike?

Best Cargo bikes for biking families are highly specialized bikes designed specifically for families. The bicycle has a bespoke carrying system that works for both babies and bigger kids. So, this bike is a long-haul investment that’s well worth it! There are different variations, but all work as cargo bikes for kids.

All cargo bikes are suitable for daily commuters or larger families that enjoy bike rides or are simply trying to reduce their car usage. This bike stays true to its name — when you’re out touring with the kids you can get shopping done and find a place to easily carry it home. The best cargo bike for biking families is a can-go bike, and it’s ready to take you and your family anywhere!

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What are the Different Types of Cargo Bikes for Biking Families?

There are three different types of cargo bikes: the long-tail, the long-john, and the front-load trike. On top of these three unique types of cargo bikes, you can also find both manual bikes and e-bikes. Let’s take a look at your options to help you find the best cargo bikes for biking families!

The Long-tail Best Cargo bike for biking families:

  • Most agile of all cargo bikes
  • Can fit up to 3 children
  • The shorter deck version is often called a mid-tail

The Long-john:

  • Most traditional bike with child seats
  • Popular in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe where commuting by bicycle is the only way to get around
  • Generally heavy, so up hill can be tricky
  • Can pack a lot — fits your daily errands and kids with no issues
  • Can strap a car seat in for baby comfort and security

The Front-Load Trike:

  • Most stable and sturdy
  • Also referred to as a family cargo tricycle
  • Ideal for riders who aren’t super comfortable riding a bike with kids, or who have multiple kids to carry on a regular basis
  • Not super agile and quite heavy, but a family trike will carry what you need and will get you to where you need to go with confidence

E-Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: 

People use and enjoy their cargo bikes for kids, whether they have an e-bike version or a classic bike style. When it comes to cargo bikes, there are some advantages to opting for the e-bike upgrade. 


Pros to E-Bikes: 

First, in general, these bikes are purchased because you plan to use it nearly every day for regular commuting. So, to save your legs the effort on those days that you’re simply feeling tired, the extra electric boost will be a delightful help. 

Second, if you live somewhere with a lot of hills the constant, full-steam ahead pedaling can exhaust you quickly. The e-bike solves this problem by giving you the assistance you need to fully relax and enjoy the ride.

Third, you will find that a kid’s cargo bike will get heavy! They are not only a larger structure, but you’ll also inevitably carry your kids plus gear. Pedaling longer distances can be a happy thought when you remember you don’t have to be the sole source of energy pushing forward.

While there are lots of pros to e-bikes, there are also some drawbacks that should be noted.

Cons to E-Bikes:

First, they will be more expensive. The motor comes at a price, and cargo bikes are already a pretty pricey item. If you consider this as a vehicle replacement, though, then it is a fairly reasonable purchase. Nevertheless, the extra cost is something worth considering. 

Second, there is more maintenance and special storage required for an e-bike. In other words, this bike can’t as easily be forgotten in the driveway when the rain starts to pour. You’ll also likely need a few tune-ups across its life span. Again, if it’s replacing a car, then it’s a very reasonable compromise!

Third, e-bikes require charging! It’s just an extra thing to consider in an already hectic schedule. And if you forget to charge it, it’s not going to help you. It’s easy enough to charge, but something to consider when deciding to invest that extra cost in an e-bike version of a cargo bike. 

How many Kids can Ride in a Cargo Bike?

Cargo bikes can haul quite a bit! Most families find carrying up to three children no problem. Many styles of cargo bikes will even give you the option of using a baby seat, which helps you safely tow your little ones. 

Families use a cargo bike for kids and as a vehicle replacement. Trips to the grocery store, the park, or for a family outing are all achievable on these specially designed bicycles with passenger seats. Depending on the style of your bike, you can use the front baskets or underneath the children’s seating to store your supplies and gear. Now you can go wherever the road takes you! 

Cargo Bike For Kids

Regular Cargo Bikes

Madsen 2021 Vintage Blue

MADSEN 2021 Vintage Blue | Madsen Cycles

Style and functionality don’t have to come separately with this kid’s cargo bike. This bike is ready to go upon purchase, which helps save some costs since you don’t need to add any accessories. This bike is meticulously made, with all the details you could think of looking after. This is a trusty steed that will take you and your family where you need to go with style and comfort!

Cargo bike style: Long-john

How many kids can ride: Bicycles with passenger seats that are removable, and provide 4 seatbelts for children

MSRP: $2,395.00

Special Features: A patented and heavy-duty kickstand is designed to ensure your bike is as secure as possible while the kids, dogs, and groceries are loaded or unloaded. This is a bicycle with child seats that are top of the line. These bikes also come available as electric bikes for extra assistance.

Yuba Kombi Step-Through Compact Cargo Bike

Yuba Kombi Step-Through Compact Cargo Bike | REI Co-op

This is an urban dweller’s dream. A bike that is agile yet can haul everything you need. This cargo bike will also store away easily. You’ll find the perfect little corner in the shed to keep it between rides. It’s also a fairly affordable option for families to ride around the city. Choose between two beautiful colors —matte yellow or blue. Every day will feel like a sunny day on these bikes. 

Cargo bike style: Long-tail

How many kids can ride: Comfortably carry 2-3 children

MSRP: $1,200.00

Special Features: The seating area for your kids is adjustable, so you can give them the perfect seat or comfort and safety. There are also add-ons that you can easily install to customize the bike to your exact needs. The bike will come with a double kickstand to help you stay sturdy on loads and unloads. There are also front and rear LED-powered lights that keep you visible on the roads. And they top it all off with a wheel skirt and bell. You’ll be ready to roll!

Big Dummy

Longtail Cargo Bikes | Big Dummy Bicycle | Surly Bikes

This bike has replaced cars across the country. If you find yourself often loading gear — especially of awkward shapes and sizes — then this bike has got you covered. The rear seat comes with handy bars to strap carrying bags or any weirdly shaped items you might be carrying. And the weight is evenly distributed so, despite a big haul, you’ll be smooth sailing to wherever you need to go!

Cargo bike style: Long-Tail

How many kids can ride: You can carry 1-2 children who are of age to support themselves and balance as you ride

MSRP: $2249.00

Special Features: This cargo bike lets you strap virtually anything on to tow around town! The bike is agile and will still give you the speed and ease of a regular bicycle while you haul your kids and errands home. A dedicated single piece of steel stabilizes the bike and prevents torsional flex. The ride is nothing but smooth and efficient!


Family | Urban Arrow

This bike was made with your family in mind. The front-load style makes this a safe and engaging way to bike around with your kids. The hitch that carries your kids has multiple add-on options available, too. You can add a plastic cover sheet for when the weather is less-than-ideal. And the seats have seatbelts to ensure everyone stays safe. This will be your ride to endless adventures!

Cargo bike style: Front-Load Trike

How many kids can ride: Comfortably bring 1-3 children in the front-load bucket and use the seatbelts for added safety

MSRP: $5,999.00

Special Features: The Urban Arrow Family Cargo Tricycle can be ridden as a traditional family trike or in an e-bike style. When you’re using this as a traditional bike, the gear system will be much appreciated. There is a smooth and effortless transition between gears, so your hill maneuvering just got a little easier! And you can customize these bikes to your exact needs by adding any one of their many accessories. 

Electric Cargo Bikes for Biking Families

RadWagon 4

A highly durable design that integrates multiple adjustment points to create a perfect custom fit for every rider. The electronic motor is powered by a high-quality 48V lithium-ion battery, which will take you up to 45+ miles per charge. The bike will go far, even with its massive cargo bike carrying capacity maxed out! You can haul 350 lbs on this bike, no problem. 

Cargo bike style: Long-Tail

How many kids can ride: Up to 2 child

MSRP: $1,899.00

Special Features: Small tires help to lower the center of gravity for ultimate stability and balance. You can also install two special seats made to carry younger toddlers or babies. So you can easily bring the family from when they’re babies right up until they’re older kids. 

Yuba Spicy Curry V3

Yuba Spicy Curry V3 Electric Bike | REI Co-op

This family cargo bike comes fully loaded! Virtually everything you would need in a cargo e-bike is included in this model. The bike is fully decked out with lights, a steering stabilizer, a super low rear rack for ease and stability, a wide kickstand that rests the bike solidly on the ground, a bell, and rear fenders. The frame is also specially designed to accommodate different-sized riders, so you and your partner can easily switch between the bike. 

Cargo bike style: Long-Tail

How many kids can ride: Up to four kids can fit, when you seat two in the rear using the cargo seat and two at the front using the cargo anchor 

MSRP: $4,800.00

Special Features: Bosch Cargo Line motor is specially designed for cargo e-bikes. It’s a lithium-ion battery, which offers you a 500-watt hour capacity. You even have the option of adding a second battery, which will take you on multiple adventures without needing frequent charges. 

Tern GSD S00

Tern GSD S00 Electric Bike | REI Co-op

A super-small cargo e-bike that can still carry everything you need! This bike is ideal for an apartment or urban dwellers, as it can fit down stairwells or in elevators. It also stores incredibly well, since it can pack down to 1/3 of its size in just a few seconds. Don’t worry though, you can still carry an impressive amount — up to 400 lbs. Top-quality materials make this your ideal city-life electric family cargo bike. 

Cargo bike style: Long-Tail

How many kids can ride: Up to two weeks and all the groceries or gear you’d need

MSRP: $4,999.00

Special Features: This bike is super adjustable. It’ll fit you and your life perfectly — literally! This bike can easily adjust to the rider’s size, and it can adjust to your storage space requirements. You can add two child seats when you need them, or have bigger kids ride on the back. The batter is from the Bosch Performance Line, which will give you the exact boost you need for your daily commutes. 

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