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Indianapolis’s Best Bike Trails For Kids

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Bike Trails in Indianapolis for Kids

Are you searching for the best bike trails in Indianapolis for kids? When you want to enjoy bike rides with the entire family, it’s essential to ensure the trails are suitable for the entire family’s needs. Indianapolis is filled with gorgeous locations where adults and kids alike can take in the world’s natural beauty. We did the research to find out where the best Indianapolis family bike trails are so you can get out there and enjoy them!

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Why Go Biking in Indianapolis

Indianapolis might seem like an unlikely location for great biking, but that’s because you haven’t experienced everything it has to offer yet. Spending time biking with kids in Indianapolis is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air at any time of year. What really sets the bike paths in Indianapolis apart is how diverse they are. You’ll find long paved trails, short dirt trails, and everything in between. There are even excellent mountain bike trails for kids near Indianapolis to explore.

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Best Time of Year to Bike in Indianapolis with Kids

Many families enjoy hitting up the family bike trails in Indiana during the summer months. However, it can get a bit warm, so spring is also an excellent time of the year. It tends to be cold in winter, but fall has reasonable temperatures and your whole family can watch the leaves changing colors near Indianapolis family-friendly bike trails. If you plan to do some biking in May through July, keep in mind that it also tends to be rainier than other parts of the year.

Best Bike Trails in Indianapolis for Kids

Name of TrailTypeLengthDifference
Lawrence Creek TrailUnpaved4.5 Miles Moderate
Schoen Creek TrailUnpaved3.1 MilesModerate
South overlook waterfowl sanctuary TrailPartially Paved2.4 MilesEasy
Starkey ParkUnpaved 3.2 MilesModerate
Southwestway Park LoopUnpaved2.1 MilesModerate
Holliday ParkUnpaved 1.5 Miles Moderate
White River canal walkPaved2.9 MilesEasy
Indianapolis Cultural TrailPaved 6.3 MilesEasy
Fort Benjamin Harrison Mountain Bike RouteUnpaved 7.7 MilesModerate

When it comes to family bike trails in Indiana, there are lots of options. However, some of them are better than others. Read on to learn about our favorite Indianapolis bike trails for kids and what you can expect at every location.

Lawrence Creek Bike Trail

Trail Length: 4.5 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Fort Harrison State Park, 6000 N. Post Rd, Indianapolis

When it comes to the best bike trails in Indianapolis, you can’t do better than the Lawrence Creek Trail. It’s inside of Fort Harrison Park and gives you the chance to cycle near gorgeous wildflowers of all sorts of colors. 

This is one of the best mountain bike trails for kids near Indianapolis and has a simple unpaved loop design. It is used for biking, hiking, walking, and more, so you’ll see people engaged in various activities while your family bikes. It’s also a dog-friendly trail so that the whole family can join and the little ones will love seeing pets nearby as they pedal up small hills.

Schoen Creek Bike Trail


Trail Length: 3.1 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Fort Harrison State Park, 6000 N. Post Rd, Indianapolis

If you want to spend time biking with kids in Indianapolis while burning off some excess energy, Schoen Creek Trail is a great choice. The trail is just over three miles long and located amongst trees in a forest so that you can expect great views. 

While cycling on this trail, you’re likely to see others on bikes as well as hikers taking in the flowers and the natural beauty of the area. This trail is located inside Fort Harrison State Park and is open to dogs, but they need to be kept on a leash. This is an excellent loop for the whole family with only a few hills to watch out for.

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South Overlook Waterfowl Sanctuary Trail

Trail Length: 2.4 miles

Type of Trail: Partially paved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Eagle Creek Park, 7840 W. 56th St., Indianapolis

As one of the best bike trails in Indianapolis for kids, this trail makes a loop of just under two and a half miles. It’s located right by a lake for great views and has a design that makes it an excellent choice for those of any skill level.

If you want to build a nature trip into cycling, this partially paved trail is a great choice. It has lovely views, the chance to run into wildlife, and is often host to runners and walkers in addition to cyclists. It’s a comfortable trail for anyone and makes an excellent spot for families who want a relaxing experience.

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Starkey Park Bike Trails for Kids

Trail Length: 3.2 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Starkey Park, 667 Sugarbush Dr, Zionsville

When you want to enjoy Indianapolis family-friendly bike trials, what about Starkey Park? It has a beautiful river you get to cycle over and has a few hills but isn’t as filled with crowds as some other locations. It offers a woodland atmosphere and a relatively easy ride.

The remarkable thing about this trail is how many different activities it’s used for. You’ll see others running, hiking, and walking. With the river nearby, you can take a break and go fishing or explore the area. This is another trail that is open to dogs. It tends to give the best experiences from late spring through early winter.

Southwestway Park Loop

boy mountain biking

Trail Length: 2.1 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Southwestway Park, 8400 Mann Rd, Indianapolis

Another great option near a river is the Southwestway Park Loop. It’s one of the best kid’s bike trails in Indianapolis and has a view the whole family will enjoy. In addition to being a space for biking, it also brings in hikers, horseback riders, runners, and more.

This is a family and dog-friendly trail with a few hills and obstacles but nothing overwhelming. It spans just over a mile and is often filled with other people for an energetic and social experience. It’s a reasonably short trail to get through with a bit of elevation and can add some exercise to the family’s day.

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Holliday Park Bike Trails in Indianapolis for Kids

boy mountain biking

Trail Length: 1.5 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis

If you prefer a less-traveled location, Holliday Park is one of the top bike paths in Indianapolis. It has excellent trails and plenty of space for bird watching, taking in the wildflowers, and other nature activities.

This trail has a small hill, but it should be manageable by those of any age. While you pedal and take in the views, you’ll see people hiking, running, and walking through the beautiful location. You might even spot a dog or two, all of which will be safely on leashes. Families can enjoy the creek and woods that sprout up around this unpaved trail.

White River Canal Walk

kids biking on bridge

Trail Length: 2.9 miles

Type of Trail: Paved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location:  White River State Park, 801 W. Washington St, Indianapolis

If you want a more urban experience while biking with kids in Indianapolis, White River Canal Walk is a great choice. It’s right next to the river and is easy to bike through for those of all ages and skill levels. It has a wide path that can even accommodate strollers and wheelchairs.

This is one of the top paved options in the city and tends to be crowded with people who are running, walking, watching birds, and more. It passes through the White River State Park and goes by Eiteljorg Museum, the Indiana State Museum, and more.

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Trail Length: 6.3 miles

Type of Trail: Paved road biking

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Indianapolis Cultural Trail, 132 W. Walnut St, Indianapolis

When it comes to easy bike trails near Indianapolis, it doesn’t get better than the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. This is a nice long trail at over six miles long, but it doesn’t have the hills that make it hard on younger cyclists. 

This bike trail is right in the heart of downtown and goes between several neighborhood districts and entertainment options. It’s set next to several parking garages to make it easily accessible on any day of the week. Keep in mind that there are road crossings, so be cautious and alert when traveling as a family. Otherwise, this trail lets you enjoy the best of the city while getting some exercise in.

Fort Benjamin Harrison Mountain Bike Route

Trail Length: 7.7 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved mountain bike loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Fort Harrison State Park, 6000 N. Post Rd, Indianapolis

If you’re looking to take mountain bike rides with kids, the Fort Benjamin Harrison Mountain Bike Route is designed for your needs. It’s created for beginners so kids won’t have any problem keeping up with you. This tends to be a bit less crowded than other bike loops in Indianapolis, as well.

In addition to the unpaved loop for mountain biking, this trail is near loads of trees and flowers. You’ll run into other people on bikes, as well as people hiking, running, and walking. The location is out of the way and makes it a great spot to take in wildlife like squirrels and deer.

Enjoy Biking in Indianapolis

Now that you know the best bike trails in Indianapolis for families, it’s time to get out there and have fun! Your entire family can take in the pleasure of the city while exercising and spending time bonding. Indianapolis is a great spot for making the most of nature, family, and biking, so make sure you experience everything it has to offer.


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