Orlando’s Best Bike Trails for Kids

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Bike Trails in Orlando for Kids

Are you looking for bike trails in Orlando for kids and the entire family? Biking is a great way to get some quality time together along with enjoying the benefits of exercise. You might be surprised by how many family bike trails in Florida are available, especially if you’re in the Orlando area. You can find unpaved paths near wildlife, paved trails in the city, and even trails designed for specific activities like mountain biking.

This article will look at the top Orlando family-friendly bike trails and what makes each of them stand out. Then you can choose the most suitable bike trails for your family and get out there and have some fun!

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Why Go Biking in Orlando

If you don’t do a lot of biking, you might be surprised by how many options there are for cycling in the city. There are miles of off-street trails, dozens of paved lanes, and even specialty options for those who like a specific type of biking. When biking with kids in Orlando, you have options. Head somewhere secluded to focus on the family or visit a popular trail to meet other families. The choice is yours.

No matter where you are in Orlando, you can expect to find family bike trails in Florida that are convenient and easy to cycle. So pick a spot you enjoy and head to one of the nearby trails to learn more about what you can expect from the best Orlando family bike trails.

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Best Time of The Year to Bike in Orlando with Kids

When considering bike rides with kids, you need to think about the season and how hot it gets. It can be tough to head out on a trail to have the whole family dripping in sweat in under an hour. Thankfully, the best bike trails in Orlando are available year-round since the weather rarely dips down to uncomfortable temperatures. 

You’ll find it’s a bit cooler in the spring and fall than in the summer. Winter is also usually a reasonable time to ride. Consider having your bike expeditions early in the morning or in the late afternoon if you want to beat the heat while enjoying the bike paths in Orlando. Bring along water bottles so you can stay hydrated.

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Best Bike Trails in Orlando for Kids

Name of Trail TypeLength Difficulty
Pine Island East Loop TrailPaved3.4 MilesEasy
Lake EolaPaved1.1 MilesEasy
Blue and Lake TrailUnpaved3.5 Miles Moderate
Cady Way TrailPaved6.4 MilesEasy
Three Lake Loop Unpaved5.3 MilesEasy
Orlando UrbanPaved4.7 MilesEasy
Turkey Lake Bike Path Paved 1.8 MilesEasy
Lake Druid Mountain Bike TrailMountain Biking0.7 MilesEasy
Lake Davis ParkPaved0.7 MilesEasy

We did the research to find the top bike trails in Orlando for those with families. Our list includes diverse options so you can find something perfect for your needs. Take a look and then get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

Pine Island East Loop Trail

Trail Length: 3.4 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Shingle Creek, Middle St, Orlando

When biking with kids in Orlando, you want a place they can get around easily. Pine Island East Loop Trail is an excellent choice among Orlando family-friendly bike trails. It’s reasonably long, offers an unpaved loop, and tends to see lots of other families. While spending time on this trail, you’ll be right by the river. It has great views and is open to dogs, so the kids can enjoy watching them on their leashes. This area is also ideal for hiking, fishing, canoeing, and more. 

Lake Eola Bike Trails for Kids

Trail Length: 1.1 miles

Type of Trail: Paved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Lake Eola Park, 512 E. Washington St, Orlando

For an urban experience biking with kids in Orlando, consider the Lake Eola Trail. Not only can you get exercise, but there are often outdoor vendors and food stands to enjoy in the area. As far as kid’s bike trails in Orlando go, this one really lets the city shine through. You’ll see tons of people around watching wildlife, running, walking, and going from place to place. It’s a great energetic spot for biking. It’s a nice paved loop that is sure to keep everyone engrossed in riding their bikes around.

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Blue and Lake Trails

Trail Length: 3.5 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Split Oak Forest Wildlife & Environmental Area, 10525 Clapp Simms Duda Rd, Orlando

Not all Orlando bike trails for kids are right next to a lake, but Blue and Lake Trails is. The unpaved loop has a few hills and takes a bit more work to cycle on than some trails, but it’s entirely reasonable for kids. If you head down in the early morning for bike rides with kids, you can expect to have the place to yourself for some quiet and privacy. It tends to be clean and even has a campground if you want to stick around and explore.

Cady Way Trail

Trail Length: 6.4 miles

Type of Trail: Paved point-to-point

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Four miles northeast of downtown Orlando

One of the most well-known bike paths in Orlando is the Cady Way Trail. It’s great for biking and often has people hiking or walking while taking in the trees and flowers. The paved trail is pet-friendly, so you may see dogs or other Florida wildlife while you pedal. This is another easy-to-navigate trail that kids of all ages will enjoy cycling on. It even goes over bridges and lets you have great views of the water while you cycle.

Three Lakes Loop

how to introduce your kids to mountain biking

Trail Length: 5.3 miles

Type of Trail: Unpaved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Split Oak Forest Wildlife & Environmental Area, 10525 Clapp Simms Duda Rd, Orlando

Are you searching for mountain bike trails for kids near Orlando? Three Lakes Loop is excellent for that, no matter your age or skill level. The path is also used for walking, hiking, nature trips, and bird watching so you can take a break and do other things. The trail passes by three different lakes and lets you really take in the beauty of Florida with the whole family. It even offers alternating areas of sun and shade for those hot days. Try an early morning ride if you want to see less of a crowd.

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Orlando Urban Bike Trail for Kids

Trail Length: 4.7 miles

Type of Trail: Paved out and back

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Lake Highland Park, 1132 Lake Highland Dr., Orlando

The Orlando Urban Trail is one of the easy bike trails near Orlando for kids. It sweeps around a lake with gorgeous blue waters and has lots of trees to keep you in the shade while you cycle. This is a pet-friendly trail, so you may see leashed dogs as you hang out with your family. The paved trail is excellent for biking but can also be used for walking and running so you can expect to see a variety of people in the area.

Turkey Lake Bike Path

Trail Length: 1.8 miles

Type of Trail: Paved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Bill Frederick Park, 3401 S. Hiawassee Rd, Orlando

Want to take relatively short bike rides with kids? Turkey Lake is a paved loop that runs just less than two miles long. It can be used for road biking, walking, running, and more. It has a bit of shade to keep you cool, and as you bike, you’ll get to see animals at the nearby farm. The trail is one of the most interesting ones in Orlando and even has a frisbee golf area if you want to try something new after your cycling trip. Make sure to catch the incredible views of the lake in the area.

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Lake Druid Mountain Bike Trails

kids riding a mountain bike

Trail Length: 0.7 miles

Type of Trail: Mountain biking

Difficulty: Easy

Location: 899 Coy Dr, Orlando

There are lots of urban Orlando bike trails for kids, but this one is located in a forest for something new. It’s one of the best mountain bike trails for kids near Orlando with a track made of connected pieces of wood that is a lot of fun to ride across. The trail isn’t huge, but it has a lot to enjoy. There are some ramps inside for those who want to really push their skills. It’s ideal for beginners so that kids can start to learn more about mountain biking to take on longer trails in the future.

Lake Davis Park

family biking forest

Trail Length: 0.7 miles

Type of Trail: Paved loop

Difficulty: Easy

Location: Lake Davis Park, 723 S. Lake Davis Dr, Orlando

Another short trail for families in Orlando is Lake Davis Park. It’s less than a mile long but offers fantastic views and easy rides for even kids who are new on their bicycles. If you head down in the late afternoon, you may even get to experience one of the best sunsets in the city. It’s nicely paved, pet-friendly, and has a ton of birds for the little ones to look at while they pedal around.


These are our choices for the best bike trails in Orlando and we hope you enjoy experiencing them when you spend time out as a family. Whether you want to mountain bike in the wood, take on the city, or watch wildlife while you cycle, Orlando has something to offer you. All you need to do is grab the bikes, head to the nearest location, and have fun!


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