Convertible Balance Bikes For Kids

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Convertible Balance Bikes For Kids

A Convertible balance bikes for kids is a bike that gives the option of adding or taking away pedals and gears. So, you can convert your child’s bike from a balance bike to a big-kid bike whenever they’re ready! There is no need to purchase an entirely different bike once they are ready to pedal. 

If a convertible balance bike for kids would be a great option for you and your wallet then check out the bikes highlighted here! You’ll get the low-down on the various types of convertible balance bikes, so you can find the perfect fit for you!

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Convertible Balance Bikes for Kids or Training Wheels?

Starting your child’s biking journey with a balance bike is a great idea! Balance bikes are the go-to method for learning how to ride bicycles sooner and with more confidence. In fact, balance bikes have entirely replaced the need for using training wheels! Instead, kids are learning exclusively on balance bikes, which helps them practice proper balancing skills and develop the right muscles needed to ride a bike.

If the old training wheel methods had any benefits over convertible balance bikes for kids, it would probably only be that they are a pretty low-cost option. But this advantage is no longer relevant! Many companies now offer convertible balance bikes. 

Training wheels are not as ideal because they force kids into an unnatural balancing situation. There is a process that happens which actually forces kids to lean to the outside of the turn, rather than leaning in. This is not how you actually ride a bike, so they’re practicing bad technique. Also, kids never get to practice stabilizing by themselves, since the training wheels will always catch them before they even get the chance to try.

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convertible balance bike for kids

What are the Advantages of a Convertible Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are definitely the new craze when it comes to teaching kids how to ride a bike. Long gone are the days of wobbly training wheels and shaky children rolling down the street. And for good reason!

Balance bikes are a simple, yet highly effective design. The whole premise is that kids use their feet on the ground to push forward, rather than using pedals on a bike. Balance bikes are usually lower to the ground, don’t have any gears or pedals, and are light and agile enough to glide forward. The major advantage to this style of bike practice is that kids are learning natural and proper balancing skills. They will also be developing the correct muscles needed for when they’re ready for the real-deal.

One of the biggest benefits is that balance bikes give kids the chance to simply focus on, well, their balance! That’s what bike riding is all about after all, isn’t it? Without having to worry about the training wheel troubles (i.e. pedalling, then wobbling, then steering, then wobbling, then balancing, then wobbling) kids learn way more quickly and have much greater confidence in their abilities. 

All they need to do is push, glide and balance! The rest is just endless fun!

Convertible Balance Bikes for kids are Budget’s Friendly

No one needs to tell you that kids grow… fast! It can often feel like you’re constantly repurchasing items that they have quickly outgrown. This is often an expensive experiences for parents. Often, one of the benefits that people cite for training wheels is that they are a cost-effective method for teaching kids how to bike. Thankfully, balance bike companies recognize this problem and are offering innovative solutions that can actually save parents money. 

In the bike world, this genius little invention would be the convertible balance bike for kids — a balance bike with pedals to add on. These bikes are your all-in-one deal for kids bikes. The convertible balance bike will take your kids from their balance bike days, just like any other on the market. Except, once your kids have mastered their balancing skills, these bikes can be modified with custom pedals and chains. Now, your kids have a proper bicycle and they’re off pedalling with ease!

Handy people can install the pedals and gears on their own, but it’s also inexpensive to take it to a bike shop to get the installation done. And the cost savings across multiple bike purchases is huge!

If you were to buy a new bike for every stage in your child’s development, then you could be buying up to three bikes! That’s a lot of bikes in just a few short years. 

Price Difference of Bikes and Why the Convertible Balanced Bike is best for you.

  • Your child’s first balance bike: ~$150-250
  • Your child’s first pedal bike: ~$100-200
  • Total: ~$250-450
  • Your child’s first and only convertible balance bike: ~$200-300
  • Total: ~$250

To turn your kid’s bicycle into a balance bike, you’ll need to remove the gears and pedals and then lower the seat. Your child’s legs should be easily touching the floor while they are seated on the bike. It’s best if their feet are flat on the ground.

Not all pedal bikes will be able to be converted into a balance bike. It might also be a good idea to take the bike into a shop to have it professionally adjusted. And then when your child is ready to upgrade to the real deal, you can simply take the bike back into the shop to have everything reinstalled. 

Keep in mind that parents sometimes need to purchase two balance bikes to keep up with the growing height of their kids. So, it’s possible that you’ll have to buy three training bikes, which means you’d spend $400+ on your child’s biking pursuits. 

Your other option, which is a cost-effective way of providing the same biking experiences and skills, is a balance bike with pedals. On average, these special balance bikes are around $250. The best part is that you’re not going to be losing any quality. For this cost, you can buy a reliable and sturdy convertible balance bike for toddlers that is sure to last the many years from then to growing into a big kid. That’s a deal!

convertible balance bikes for  kids

Get Even More Budget-Friendly — DIY Convertible Balance Bikes for kids :

There is another cost-effective way to teaching your kids how to ride a bike. You can transform some regular pedal bikes into a DIY balance bike. 

Converting a regular bike into a balance bike is possible in most cases. This might not ride quite as smoothly or as easily as a bike designated to being converted between both styles. Nonetheless, your kids can have a great learning experience on it. And before you know it, you’ll be installing the pedals back on for some real biking adventures!

Here are the TOP Convertible Balance Bikes for Kids:

1. Strider 14X Sport229.981. Pedals are bought separately
2. Fits a wide range of age (3-7)
1. Slightly heavy (12.5lb)
2. Brakes only come with the conversion kit
Foot rest included
2. Littlebig Bike326.681. 3-in-1 balance conversion options
2. Has lowest, highest and full mode
1. Higher cost
2. Assembly required
Handbrakes in all modes
3. SmarTrike xtend Mg+249.991. All-in-one that grows with your child
2. High-grade disc brake system
1. Some assembling required
2. Low quality wheels
Footrest included in balance mode
4. Go Glider1391. Adjustable seats & handlers
2. Inexpensive compared to other convertible balance bikes
1. Shipping damages(according to amazon reviews)
2. Some assembling needed
5. Pinto 14″4851. 3-custom levels for balance bike conversion
2. Ultra-lightweight (13lb)
1. One of the most expensive
2. Ships from UK (shipping charges apply)
Oil-free drive belt

Strider 14x Sport Convertible Balance Bike for kids


  • Can add pedals for balance bike (bought separately, which can be a benefit since you don’t need the pedals until your kids are ready)
  • Will fit a wide age range (3-7 years old)
  • Seat is easy to adjust without tools


  • Slightly heavy, weighing 12.5 lbs
  • Brakes only come with the conversion kit 
  • Brakes are a coaster break, not a hand brake


  • $169.99 + $59.99 to add the pedals for balance bike 
  • Total is $229.98

Special Features

  • Foot rest included
  • Steel frame is sturdy and durable

LittleBig Bike Convertible Balance Bikes for kids


  • 3-in-1 balance bike conversion options will always give your child a perfect fit as they grow and progress
  • Lowest mode: Small seat height and a low step-over for easy balance bike play
  • Highest mode: Perfect for older or taller kids to continue practicing their balance 
  • Full mode: When your kids are ready to up their game from balance bike to pedal bike, this innovative design is ready and waiting


  • On the higher end in cost
  • Must be shipped from Ireland, so additional costs can occur
  • Assembly required


  • Bike is $254.07 + Pedal Attachment is $72.59

Special Features

  • Hand brakes are included in all mode
  • Offers two geometrical variations to perfectly fit growing kids

SmarTrike Xtend Mg+ Convertible Balance to Pedal Bike


  • All-in-one that grows with your child 
  • Centre railing has a unique extending feature with your child, so the bike will customize to their growing body 
  • Disc brake system is high-grade and professionally designed 


  • Wheel quality isn’t as good as some other convertible bicycle models on the market
  • Some assembly required


  • $249.99

Special Features

  • Footrest included in the balance bike mode
  • Centre railing extends, handlebar lift and seat can raise for a custom fit for when your kids grow from balance bike to pedal bike masters

Glide Bikes Kid’s Go Glider 



  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Handbrakes are ideal for early practice and mastery, plus a handy safety feature
  • Steel alley frame is durable yet lightweight
  • Inexpensive compared to other convertible balance bikes


  • Some assembly required
  • Less of a size range compared to other balance bike with pedals that are on the market
  • Some people experience shipping damages 


  • $139.00

Special Features

  • Handbrakes
  • Removable foot pegs 

Pinto 14”(convertible bike for toddlers)


  • Ultra-light weighing just 13 lbs ideal convertible bike for toddlers
  • 3 Custom Levels for Balance Bike Conversion: (1) Small Balance bike, (2) Small Pedal Bike, (3) Larger Pedal Bike
  • Super high-quality materials and assembly that are sure to last for many years


  • One of the most expensive on the market
  • Must be shipped from the UK, so additional charges may apply


  • $485.00

Special Features

  • Oil-free drive belt

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