best full suspension mountain bikes for kids

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Kids

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Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Kids

With full suspension mountain bikes becoming more popular on adult mountain bikes, it is not surprising that there is also a growing demand for full suspension mountain bikes for kids. So, in this post, we’re taking a look at some of the best full suspension kids mountain bikes for kids. As you’ll see, they don’t come cheap – but in each case, you’re getting a lot of bikes for your money.

Choosing a full suspension mountain bike for kids is extremely important because you want to make sure it is reliable and safe. It is also important that mountain bikes for kids are the right size to ensure that your child fits on them correctly and can ride comfortably. 

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Importance of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Kids

Full suspension mountain bikes for kids are a great option for children that have outgrown their first kid’s bike but are not tall enough for adult bikes yet. The best kids’ mountain bikes fit properly so that your child does not get frustrated or injured while riding. 

Kids’ full suspension mountain bikes will offer suspension in the front and rear shocks. This will make the bike easier to ride and give your child more control, traction, and comfort. 

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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes for Kids

BikeMSRP ($)Wheel Size(“)Riders Height
1. Norco Sight 275319927.54’7″-5’11”
2. Spawn Rokk 2631502656″
3. Co Op DRT 3.22799265’0″-5’3″
4. Scott Ransom169924-26125cm-135cm
5. Rocky Mountain Reaper 241979244’3″-4’7″
6. Rocky Mountain Reaper 262609264’6″-4’11”
7. Marin Rift Zone 241769244’1″-4’9″
8. Marin Rift Zone 261769264’6″-5’2″
9. Trailcraft Maxwell 243199-4699244’2″-4’8″
10. Norco Fluid2299244’2″-4’8″

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes For Kids– Best Brand/Product Review

Norco Fluid

This full-suspension mountain bike for kids by Norco is a great bike for kids who are between the ages of 9-12 and weigh less than 90 pounds. Best for children who are riding on very tough terrain or demanding trails. 

It is valued at $2,299 with a 24” wheel size. It has alloy 660 mm handlebars and a 15mm rise. The front brakes are Tektro HD-M276 Hydraulic at a size of 180m. The rear brakes are Tektro HD-M276 hydraulic at 160mm. 

The bike is made of high-quality parts and is similar in make to the Norco adult bikes, but at a perfect size for youths. It weighs 29.0 pounds. 

Trailcraft Maxwell 24

A great mountain for kids is the Maxwell 24 made by Trailcraft. It’s currently selling at a price between $3,199-$4,699 depending on the upgrades you decide to get if any. It weighs under 24 pounds, which is much lighter than other full suspension mountain bikes for kids. 

Perfect for kids who will be rising on steep or rocky trails. The wheels are 24” and have an internal dropper post. There are four colors to choose from and is the best kids mountain bike for riders who have a minimum stand-over height of 24”. 

It weighs about 25 pounds with tubes. The brakes are Shimano Deore 6100 and features a Trailcraft 30.9 post. The tires are Kenda Booster TR 2.2 and the wheelset is Stan Crest MK3 rims with Superlight alloy hubs. The perfect height range is 4’2” to 4’8”. 

Marin Rift Zone (can be switched to used 24” or 26” tires)

One of the best kids’ mountain bikes is the Marin Rift Zone. The options come in 24” or 26” tires depending on what you or your child want. You can always start with 24” and then switch to larger ones later. 

The price for 24” tires is $1,769 and the price for 26” tires is the same at $1,769. The ability to switch the tires extends the life of this bike and its versatility. All the dropper posts are internally routed allowing for snag-free rides every time. Hydraulic disc brakes allow your child to ride smoothly. These brakes also don’t need as much maintenance. 

The 26” wheel bike is best for riders who are 4’6” to 5’2”. All the brakes are Shimano MT-201. The grips are Marin Dual Density, and the front suspension is X-Fusion Velvet RLC 26”. The rear suspension is X-Fusion O2 Pro R. 

The 24” wheel bike is best for riders with a height of 4’1” to 4’9”. All of the specs and features are the same as the 26” option, including the rear and front suspensions.

Rocky Mountain Reaper (available in 24” and 26” sizes)

The kid’s full suspension bike by Rocky Mountain also comes in 24” and 26” options. 

The 24” wheel option is $1,979. The ideal rider size is 4’3” to 4’7”. The shock is Rock shock Monarch R and the rear travel is 130mm. It weighs 28.2 pounds including the inner tubes. 

The brakes for the 24” option are Shimano MT201 piston with resin pads. The grips are Rocky Mountain Lock-on Light. The seat post is Rocky Mountain SL 30.9mm and is comfortably padded to make your child’s bike ride much easier. 

The 26” wheel option is $2,609. It weighs 28.6 pounds including the inner tubes. It is great for riders who are 4’6” to 4’11”. The brakes are Shimano MT 4100 2 Piston with resin pads. The handlebar has a 12mm rise and a 31.8 clamp. 

The spokes are 2.0 stainless and the seat post is Rocky Mountain Toonie Drop Composite with a size of 30.9mm, 80mm. 

It can even be upgraded to a wheel size of 27.5”. This bike is great for riders who will continue to grow and will continue to use their kids’ full suspension bike as they age. 

Scott Ransom

This bike weighs 30.64 pounds. It can be bought at 24” or 26” wheel options. Both are valued at $1,699. It is best for riders who are 8-11 years old with a height between 125cm and 135cm. The 26” wheel option is best for riders who are between 130cm to 150cm. It suits riders who are 11 years or older. 

It has Shimano disc brakes. The seat post can be adjusted between 31.6mm to 80mm. The handlebar is Alloy 6061 and has a T shape flat at the size of 640mm. The rear shock is X-Fusion 02Pro R Trunnion. 

It has a rebound adjuster with a travel of 130mm. The shifters are Shimano Deore SL-M5100-R. The bike is fast and very durable. It has long travel in both the front and the back. 

Co-Op DRT 3.2

The ideal height range for this best kids’ mountain bike is 5’0” to 5’3”. The wheel size is 26 inches. The wheels and tires both come ready for tubeless setup. 

The brakes are Shimano hydraulic disc brakes which are perfect for off-road conditions in all kinds of weather. The rear derailleur is SRAM NX Eagle with a 1 x 12 drivetrain. The bike allows for 100mm of travel and comes fitted with a remote-control X-Fusion Manic dropper seat post. This allows for a very easy setup. 

The tire width is 2.8 inches with a 12-speed SRAM NX Eagle chain. It will cost you $2,799. It is a great bike for beginners and children who are just starting trail riding. The fork is very high quality with it being RockShox’s Revelation RC. 

Your child will also be able to upgrade to a 27.5” wheel size later. 

Spawn Rokk 26

This is another choice for the best full suspension mountain bikes for kids and has some very unique features. It is best for riders who are 10 or older with a minimum height of 56”. The maximum inseam is 31” and the minimum inseam is 26”. The current MRSP is $3,150. 

The frames are 6061-T6 alloy with swappable geometry and 140mm travel. The front and rear brakes are SRAM level 160mm.  The seat post is Pivotal 270mm and the seat post clamp is Spawn Cycles QR. 

It is known for its flip chips that can be shortened and lengthened. This allows the bottom bracket, cranks, and pedals into the right position. Along with the 140mm rear travel, it also has a 140mm Revelation fork with adjustable rebound and compression. 

It has an SRAM 11-speed NX drivetrain and an upright climbing position. 

Norco Sight 275

This is another great bike option by Norco. The price is $3,199. It comes in a bright and fun red color which will make your child easy to spot as they ride along the trails. 

The wheel size is 27.5, so it is built for slightly larger riders at an ideal height of 4’7” to 5’1”. It features 140mm of rear travel and 150mm of front travel. The frame is 6061 Youth-All Mountain. The front brakes and the rear brakes are Shimano Br-MT500 with resin pads. All the brake rotors and brake levers are also made by Shimano which gives this kid’s bike safe and secure brakes by a well-known reputable brand. 

This bike features the perfect geometry specs for children who are growing and need a bike to fit their growing needs. It is best for riders who already have some experience and need a better bike to access those rough and uphill terrains.

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Key Takeaways 

Getting the best full suspension mountain bike for your child is a good choice. It will put your mind at ease when you know your child is out on the trail encountering rough terrain. The front suspension will allow your child to roll over rocks, sticks, and other terrains smoothly. 

Having a good full suspension bike for kids will also encourage your child to ride more because they will enjoy the easy and smooth ride that a good mountain bike offers them. 

If your child is new to mountain biking, buying a bike at a cheaper price point may be a good idea so you can make sure they will use the bike often and ride it often. Having a bike where you can change the size of the tires will also make the bike last longer. 

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8 best full suspension mountain bikes for kids

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