best kids balance bikes

Best Kids Balance Bikes

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Best Kids Balance Bikes

It’s an exciting time when your child is learning how to ride a bike! Today, there are so many great bike options for kids to learn on. One of the best and most recent inventions is the balance bike So, we will be taking you through our top 12 Best kids balance bikes.

Balance bikes are very similar to a regular bicycle, but with one key difference: they don’t have any pedals! Instead, the bike seat is lower to the ground, and kids use their feet to push and glide forward. While they’re gaining speed ahead, kids are practicing their natural — and proper — balancing techniques. This makes the transition to a full bicycle so much easier!

So, are your kids ready to learn how to ride a bike? After reading this balance bike review, you will get them rolling on the right foot. These are some of the best balance bike options in the market!

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Here are the Best Kids Balance Bikes Options: 

Name of BikeWeightMSRPSeat HeightTire Size
1) Woom 16.6 Ibs$199.0010″12″
2) Prevelo Alpha Zero8.5 Ibs$199.0012”- 15”
3) Woom 1 Plus9.5 Ibs$269.0015”- 19″14″
4) Ripple 128.8 Ibs$198.0012″- 17″12″
5) LittleBig with Pedals add-on11- 15 Ibs$254.07 + 72.5915″- 19″14″
6) Strider 12 Sport Balancing Bike6.7 Ibs$159.9911″- 16″12″
7) Rev 12 Balance Bike9 Ibs$139.0014″12″
8) Banana GT Balance Bike 8 Ibs<$10012″- 15″12″
9)Yuba Flip Flop Balance Bike7 Ibs$159.0011″- 20″about 12″
10) Frog Tadpole Balance Bike9 Ibs$21513″- 17″12″
11) Swagtron Balance Bike7 Ibs$66.0012″- 16″12″
12)Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bike 11 Ibs$289.0014″- 20″12″

Woom 1

The Woom 1 kids balance bike e is well-crafted and offers the best kids balance bikes for toddlers to take their first roll on a bicycle. Your child can start to use this bike from a very young age — even if they just started to walk!

Weight: 6.6 lbs

MSRP: $199.00

Seat Height: 10”

Tire Size: 12”

Special Features: An innovative rear brake helps kids master their skills in balance and braking on a bicycle! The break lever is a bright green colour and can be easily adjusted to fit any child’s hands. Your kids will be kept safe with the easy option to brake at any point. Plus, the braking system was specially engineered to be above the chainstay to prevent any accidents with your kid’s feet!

Prevelo Alpha Zero

This is an ideal balance bike for 1 year old children, since there is an extremely convenient and low step-through. Young riders will be able to easily and safely mount and dismount without struggle. All kids need to do is hop on and have fun! The bike will be a breeze to navigate, which lets them simply focus on balancing and playing.

Weight: 8.5 lbs

MSRP: $199.00

Seat Height: 12” – 15”

Tire Size:

Special Features: Kids will learn how to use a bike brake effectively — especially since this bike’s design only provides a rear brake, which is the most used. The breaking system might not be as carefully engineered as other bikes, but the brake is a key feature nonetheless! On top of the rear brake, this bike offers great traction from the deep lugs in the tires. This bike will be ready to tackle any adventures ahead of your child, and give them all of the skills to ride a bike along the way. 

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Woom 1 PLUS

Another amazing balance bike, but this one comes packed some great bells and whistles! The bike has ergonomic and toddler-sized grips that are not only more comfortable, but also safer. They will be able to steer and grip with ease. This bike is so sturdy, you’ll have it for years to come. The entire bike is designed with taller toddlers or older kids in mind. You kids should get years of enjoyment and learning from this balance bike. It’ll even make a fantastic hand-me-down for more little ones to master their biking!  

Weight: 9.5 lbs

MSRP: $269.00

Seat Height: 15” – 19”

Tire Size: 14”

Special Features: The coolest feature on this bike is the surfboard foot rest! This is really kicking balancing skills up a notch. The surfboard footrest has a grippy tape on the top surface, so their feet will be secure as they push, glide and ride! The foot rest really gives kids an opportunity to practice their balancing skills in full swing. Plus — most kids have a ton of fun as they are purely gliding around on their awesome bike. These bikes are on the heavier side, but they are a great balance bike for 3 year olds.

Ripple 12”

This bike arrives 95% assembled — so it is a grab-and-go right away! Each bike is packaged with a bell, spare tire tube, a quick-release seat collar, and a user’s manual plus Allen keys for quick and painless assembly. There are fun color choices that are bright and cheerful. Your kids will be excelling quickly on this balance bike!

Weight: 8.8 lbs

MSRP: $198.00

Seat Height: 12″ – 17”

Tire Size: 12”

Special Features: Engineered with “Ride Right Geometry” that is specially designed to offer a lower centre of gravity and perfect-fit structures for tiny kids. Ideal as a balance bike for 2 year olds, the design is created by a cooperative effort with a professional bike fitter and builder. There is nothing but intelligent design in these balance bikes. Your kids will find it super easy to control the balance bike, especially as they are learning new skills. If you’re looking for the best balance bike for toddlers, this one should definitely be high on your list.

Convertible Balance Bikes for Kids

LittleBig With Pedals Add-On

This bike is designed and assembled from a company in Ireland. The creative design offers you a 3-in-1 bike that will grow with your kids height and skill. When the time is right, they can jump into full-on pedal mode using the clever add-on pedals. This is the only bike your kid’s will need to learn. It’s got it all, and it’s well crafted so it will last you for the years to come!

Weight: 11 – 15 lbs

MSRP: Bike is $254.07 + Pedal Attachment is $72.59

Seat Height: 15” – 19”

Tire Size: 14”

Special Features: This is the ONLY bike your kids will need. Truly a one-of-a-kind and innovative design, this balance bike that can do it all. Your kids will have ease and comfort as toddlers on its lowest setting: small seat heigh and a low step-over. As your kids grow a little, so does the LittleBig bike. The next size up will fit older or taller kids perfectly, while still giving them a chance to practice balancing. Finally, when your kids have mastered their balance skills, this bike will convert into a full-fledged pedal bike! Possibly the coolest bike in this comprehensive balance bike review. 

Strider 12 Sport Balancing Bike

A great bike that will last your kids miles of ride time. It’s also a budget-friendly option. The bike comes in 7 fun colours, so your kids will be able to choose their favourite colour and feel like the bike is a perfect match for them. These bikes are lightweight and a great option for younger or smaller kids. There is even an attachment available to make the bike stationary so that the extra-little kids can practice!

Weight: 6.7 lbs

MSRP: $159.99

Seat Height: 11” – 16”

Tire Size: 12”

Special Features: The tires on this balance bike are specially contrasted so that they guarantee a never-flat and no-maintenance experience. They are well designed to give ample traction on virtually every surface. Your kids can take these on tons of adventures, and you’ll be confident that the bike will last through it all. This could even make a great hand-me-down if needed!

REV 12 Balance Bikes

The tires are a semi-slick BMX tread that will grip on almost all surfaces. The frame is incredibly strong, yet light weight, due to the aluminum design. The bike will fit most kids without issue, and there is room for adjutants in the seat as kids grow. This is a great bike for kids to learn on and offers a lot of value in quality for the price!

Weight: 9 lbs

MSRP: $139.00

Seat Height: 14”

Tire Size: 12”

Special Features: There are lots of customizations available. These bikes automatically come with fun stickers to decorate and personalize each bike. You can also customize the seat height for comfort and proper use. If you’re child is ready to add new skills, you can also install a handbrake. And for extra features, you can accessorize with a basket or a bell.

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Banana GT kids Balance Bikes with Pedals

A simple and no-fuss, yet effective best kids balance bike! This is the best bang-for-your-buck bike out there. You will get a great quality balance bike that is super easy to assemble, without breaking the bank! The seat is easy to adjust, too. And the tires are air-filled, which can be a rarity to find in budget bikes. This is true value for the dollar!

Weight: 8 lbs

MSRP: Under $100

Seat Height: 12” – 16”

Tire Size: 12”

Special Features: The bike is sturdy and grippy. The tires have a great tread, especially for a budget-friendly model. Your kids will be able to ride on any terrain and feel confident in their ability to stay upright and grip properly. The handlebars also have a great grippy feel and come with large bumpers at the ends. So, little hands will be assisted as they hold onto the bars and navigate in total freedom! 

Yuba Flip Flop kids Balance Bikes

The foam tires never need refilling, so they’re ready to go when you are! The bike not only comes with a mini cargo rack on the back but there’s also a choice of three unique and fun animal print colors. It’s size adjustments that come from the flipping ability are highly comparable to other high-end balance bikes but at a more affordable price. 

Weight: 7 lbs

MSRP: $159.00

Seat Height: 11” – 20”

Tire Size: about 12”

Special Features: You can flip the frame of the bike over to lengthen the bike for growing kids. This will allow you to use the bike for up to a year longer than other styles. Comes with a removable rear rack, so your kids can feel like they’re a part of the journey by carrying gear of their own. This is a great element that makes the bike even more fun to play with! Kids will get creative with all the things they get to carry on their awesome balance bike. 

Best Lightweight Bikes for Kids who are ready to move from their balance bikes

Frog Tadpole Balance Bikes

These bikes come almost completely assembled, so they’re basically ready to go when they arrive! The quality is incredible, too. The tires are air-filled and have great traction. And the wheel base is long, so there is superior stability for little ones to learn on and gain confidence. Your kids will be cruising in no time on this sleek balance bike. 

Weight: 9 lbs

MSRP: $215

Seat Height: 13” – 17″

Tire Size: 12″

Special Features: These bikes come with quality handbrakes that will help your kids practice their braking and balancing skills. There are also tons of fun colour options and a bell, so the bike will look and sound great! The best part is that seat has two adjustment options: both vertical and horizontal adjustments. This accounts for all the growth that your kids will inevitably go through during their bike learning journey. 

Swagtron Balance Bikes

This is the ultimate, super budget-friendly balance bike. The materials are durable yet incredibly lightweight. So young or very small kids will be able to use this bike without getting tired too quickly. The rubber tires are air-filled, so they provide solid traction and can easily roll over bumpy terrain. The seat has a wide height adjustment range, too. So, the balance bike age range is large. A solid balance bike that’ll even withstand “off-road” adventures, all for an incredible price. 

Weight: 7 lb

MSRP: $66.00

Seat Height: 12” – 16”

Tire Size: 12″

Special Features: This is an all around budget bike with high-standards! Every detail of this bike is made with quality materials and intelligent design. It is a no-frills balance bike, but for the price you will be satisfied with years of bike play. Your kids will have no issues learning how to balance on their bike with this great deal. Definitely the best balance bike for budgets. 

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Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bikes

This is a well-manufactured kids balance bike that has thought of creative ways to offer the perfect ride to your tot. The seat has a large adjustment range to help kids of difference ages and sizes get perfectly comfy. There are lot of fun colour options an the paint coating is of superior quality.  

Weight: 11 lbs

MSRP: $289.00

Seat Height: 14” – 20”

Tire Size: 12”

Special Features: This bike is a breeze for little ones to push, balance, and maneuver. The long-wheelbase provides a low center of gravity that boasts even more stability. They have perfected their proportions, so the balance bike age range is large. Kids will feel confident on their balance bikes straight away and continue to feel great for years to come. They even offer a quality handbrake so your children will be perfecting their bike skills. Kids will be ready for the real biking experience in no time!

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